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Spark Builder

Visual Builder

Build a website without coding! Just choose an element then drag and drop it wherever you want to display your content. It's that easy.

Save Modules

Don't want to set a module every time? Simply just save the module and name it what you want.

SEO Ready

The modules you create are SEO ready. So you no longer have to worry about optimizing them for search engines.

Styling Options

Modern Templates

 Each Squarespace template design has been crafted by our world-class design team. Our template designs are created with modern browsers and mobile devices in mind, and employ the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript techniques.

Flexible Modules

Want to only have multiple styles from different templates? With our modules, you will be able to pick and choose different modules and implent it easily on your site.

Made for Everyone

Whether you are looking to create a blogging website or an e-commerce store, we have it all! You can create anything from simple pages, galleries, blogs, calendars and much more!


Fully customizable settings with many features including fonts, spacing, shadows, colors, borders, radius.

Google Fonts

Make your website beautiful with great typography. Choose from a curated collection of Google font library which is absolutely free.

Background Experience

Make the background an amazing experience! Display your own choice of visual content from images to videos or animations. 

Custom CSS and JS

Get more creative with the ability to add your own CSS and JS to either your whole site or to a specific page.

Mobile and Tablet Responsive

All of our templates are mobile and tablet ready. Meaning that your content will look great on any device.

Content Modules

Photo Gallery

Create beautiful photo galleries with the Photo Gallery Module. Add overlay and hover effects, shadow effects, or just a caption images.

Content Grid

Comes with 3 different grid layouts, a carousel view, and a list view.

Post Timeline

Easily create horizontal or vertical layout timelines with your posts.

Content Tiles

Place pages and posts in various magazine layouts, either in 3 columns or 5 columns.

Team Members

Display your team members with their photos, names, and a bit of description. You can also add links to their social media account!

Info Box

A very useful module. Display content with an icon, prefix title, title, and a description in various styles.


Design and create call-to-action buttons easily with this module. Add amazing hover effects and color transitions.


Choose from the different heading styles. Add separators and description to each heading. 


Display simple Images with a caption, hover effect or an inside border.


5 different styles to show testimonials. Show them in either a slider or a carousel. 


A powerful module that displays your content in tabs. You can choose how you want to display your content from the preset styles.


Display content in accordions with different styling. Great for FAQs!

Image Panels

Display images in panels that open when you hover over them.

Restaurant Menu

Display restaurant or cafe menus on your website.

Pricing Table

List bundles with the price and have tabs for monthly or annual pricing.

Business Hours

Show the timings of your store on your website.


Create a table with your own content with a sorting content feature.

Icon Number List

Display icons with numbers and a title.


Insert a line to separate sections on your page.

Contact Form

Create a custom form that visitors can fill.

Number Counter

Display and set a counter on your site. Fantastic for displaying stats on your page!


Let visitors subscribe to newsletters and integrate it with programs such as MailChimp.

Custom HTML

Insert custom HTML and shortcodes on your page.


Display sidebar elements anywhere on your page.


Display a Google Map module pointing to an address that you specify.

Animated Headers

Add cool animations to the header, like an underline animation, a typewriter effect and many more to choose from.

HTML and Shortcodes

Insert custom HTML which also supports shortcodes on your page.


Easily add icons on your page from FontAwsome, Foundation, and Dash icon.

Twitter Module

Integrate Twitter on your page. Add Twitter buttons, embed a grid, tweet or a timeline.

Facebook Module

Embed Facebook pages, comments, videos, post, and like buttons right on your webpage.

Instagram Feed

Have Instagram feeds with different styles and hover effects on your site.

Animated Headers

Add cool animations to the header, like an underline animation, a typewriter effect and many more to choose from.

3D Slider

Display your images on a cool 3D slider with a caption and navigation feature.

Filterable Gallery

Create a grid or masonry layout gallery and add filters and overlay effects.

Advanced Menu

Create a menu with different styles such as off-canvas, full-screen overlay, or a simple menu.

Notifications Modules

Modal Box

Create custom popup messages with your content with different interactions, like auto load, on-click, and exit intent.

Alert Box

Display simple notification and alert boxes to grab the visitors attention.

Announcement Bar

Display the latest announcements, offers, discounts or any notifications on top of your page or anywhere on the site.

Subscribe Form

Add a subscription to newsletter form that works with all popular mailing services.

Creative Modules

Logo Grid & Carousel

Create a grid or carousel to display your client or partner logos.

Dot/One Page Navigation

Create one-page websites that can be easily navigated through dots

Image Carousel

Exhibit images on a carousel.

Highlight Box

Create boxes with the title and description that change to an icon on hover.


Get creative and fancy advertisement or information modules that tell you about the product.  

Hover Cards

Display content in many styles with different hover effects.

Flip Box

Dual side content on information boxes that has flip animations.


Modern and elegant break to your content with creative dividers.


Add empty spaces between content.

Row Separators

Add stylish row separators to your Spark Builder site easily and quickly.

Row Expander

Expand a section so you can reveal hidden content.

Row Overlay

Add a color or gradient overlay over the background image.


Have a countdown for a sale or an event that's coming up.


Smart SEO

Spark SEO has a builtin AI that automatically optimizes your pages. Saving lots of time.

Improve Search Presence

Spark SEO ranks your website distinctively by enabling breadcrumbs for Google Search, and by automatically generating titles and descriptions according to Google’s guidelines.

Social Sharing Enabled

Automatically supports the Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards tags. So your post will stand out when shared on different social networks.

Meta Data Optimization

It follows the exact guidelines for Google Search. Which means you can manually optimize your pages without making any mistakes.

Automatic Sitemap Change

Notifies Google, Bing, Yandex, and all connected search networks automatically of your website’s changes with its built-in sitemap.

Privacy In Mind

It doesn’t automatically share your email address with third parties without your consent.


We automatically generate a correct robots.txt, link your sitemap.

Clean HTML

Spark pages are produced with clean HTML markup which makes it easy for search engines to search.

Sitemap Change Notifications

Notifies Google, Bing, Yandex, and all connected search networks automatically of your website’s changes with its built-in sitemap.

Clean URLs

All premade pages contain clean URLs that are easily indexed and read


Configure Your Domain

You can link a third-party (Google, Namecheap,, Godaddy)domain that you purchased to your website.

Buying Domains

You can purchase domains directly from us. Whether you want a .com or .org domain, you have many TLDs to choose from!

DNS Records

Any domains purchased through us will automatically work on our platform. So you don't have to worry about setting the DNS records.

G Suite Email

Set up G Suite with your domain easily to enable custom email addresses.

G Suite

Email Plus More

Once you link your account with G Suite, you can use many other services like Google Docs, Google Drive, and more.

Link your Domain

If you have purchased Gsuite yourself or through us, you can personalize your email addresses.